Simple to Set Up - Simple to Use

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HomeWorker installs a simple floating toolbar that can be parked anywhere on the screen or hidden in the system tray. Simply hold the mouse button down over any of the gray background area to drag it into position. Total period activity time is shown in the lower right, as well as a status LED. Right click on the gear icon for more display options.

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Click on the gear icon on the toolbar to open up the settings screen. On the Preferences tab, you can choose to run automatically at startup and run hidden in the system tray. The Break button on the toolbar allows you to take a break 3 ways. The first is an open ended break. Or click the arrow on the button and take a timed short or long break. You can pre-define the lengths of these breaks. All monitoring is suspended during breaks.

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On the Setup tab, the user enters their name and department. The Employer Key is generated by the company using a "Manager Module" we provide. This is used for report encryption and only the "manager" will be able to decrypt the report.

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HomeWorker can be started and stopped manually, or on a pre-defined daily schedule. The Schedule tab allows daily schedules to be configured.

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Sometimes the employee might not be generating any computer activity but wants to make a note of what they are doing so idle periods can be counted for. On the Quick Notes tab you can define some common notes that can be inserted into the log manually. Click on the Note button on the toolbar, and select one of the pre-defined notes or type in something else manually.

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Remote users generate encrypted daily reports quickly with the click of the mouse and send them as email attachments to whoever has been designated to review them. HomeWorker provides a special Manager App that allows the remote users report to be analyzed and viewed using simple drag and drop function. Simply drag the email attachment onto the HomeWorker Manager app, and immediately gives you helpful charts to see how the worker is performing.

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Managers or supervisors can quickly see computer activity levels and identify distractions. Plus you can get an accurate idea of how much time users spend on social networking, news, video, shopping and other sites during working hours. Also provided is a simple usage overview report, and you can drill down and look at detailed activity logs.