Got questions?

What does HomeWorker monitor?
HomeWorker tries to log enough activity to give the employer enough information to ensure that the employee is doing company work, and stays focused throughout the work period. Every entry is time stamped and maintained in chronological order.

There are several internal timers that monitor and record the following:

  • Elapsed work period time.
  • Periods of activity where the computer is in use.
  • Periods of inactivity or "idle" time.
  • Break time totals for the work period.

In addition, it also records the following activities.

  • All programs the user runs.
  • The window title of the program.
  • Websites visited.
  • Document titles.
  • USB device activity.
  • Project names if desired.
  • User generated notes.
  • Whenever the user switches from one program to another.
  • * The name of the currently focused (active) window.
  • Break start times, end times, and elapsed times.
  • Statistics totals updated every 5 minutes.

At the end of the work period HomeWorker will total up and record how much time was spent on what.

* Recording the focused window can be very useful. For example, let's say a user was in a ZOOM meeting. You can see them, but you don't know if they are paying attention. They might be checking Twitter or Instagram. HomeWorker will record this and you can see if they are being distracted by other activities.
What is a work period?
HomeWorker operates on the concept of WorkPeriods. A work period is started when the user clicks on the START button, and ended when the user clicks on the END button.
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Alternatively, the user can easily define a daily work schedule and all this will be taken care of automatically.
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When a work period ends, everything is totaled up and logged. Statistics are reset to 0, ready for the next work period.
Does HomeWorker take screenshots and record keystrokes?
No. HomeWorker is designed to be only as invasive as is necessary to help the employer determine that the user is at their computer and doing the work they are supposed to. It is not a spy program.

We certainly know how to do this and our CYBERsitter product has been offering similar features for 25 years. However this product is primarily for parental control and protecting kids.

We don't feel this type of invasive monitoring is ethical. Things will get captured that shouldn't be. This will only create stress and bad will on the part of the employee and will not likely increase productivity.

We have allowed our own workers to telecommute for many years. "Respectful" activity monitoring helps keep them focused and on-task and is well tolerated by employees. Invasive "looking over their shoulder" type monitoring only breeds distrust and bad feelings. This is something employers need to give serious consideration to.
Does HomeWorker work offline?
Yes it does. HomeWorker does not require an internet connection and no data ever leaves the computer unless the user wants it to.
What does the "Manager" program do?
The Manager program is provided FREE to anyone purchasing a multi-user HomeWorker license.

It allow the employer to generate a special Employer Key. This key is then distributed to employees using HomeWorker and entered into their settings. The key used by employers and employees must match in order to be able to read reports.

Employee reports are simply dragged into the area provided and they will be automatically displayed.

Employer keys left blank will cause reports to be generated in plain text.
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Can this be used by self employed individuals?
Sure! Most sole proprietorships that do computer work from home have a home office and use their computer for both business and personal purposes.

HomeWorker can help you document your business computer usage and provide a reference of activities you can look back and refer to whenever you want.

And, it will not interfere or monitor personal activities when it is inactive.
Can I use this for project time tracking?
Yes. When you start a manual time period you can specify a project name to assign to that period. When you end the period, time and activity is totaled up and recorded. Project names are saved for easy one click recall in the future. If you work on multiple projects and need accurate time and activity for billing purposes, this will help.
I sometimes do work at home in the evenings or on weekends. How will this help me?
This is another excellent use for HomeWorker. If you get paid for extra work or are sometimes required to work at home, HomeWorker will document the time you spend working on business things.

And if you don't get paid, having records of the extra work you do might be good evidence you deserve a raise!
Can I view my own log file?
Yes, you van view it any time, however you cannot edit it. Just hold down the Shift key and click on the Report button. It will launch the report using your default text editor. It may appear that you can edit it, but the original data will not change.
Are you open to customer suggestions?
Absolutely! Some of the best features of our products have come from customer suggestions. We want to know how you use the program and what we can do to make it better.
Is there a monthly fee or subscription?
No, it is a one time fee. You can use it as long as you want. In addition, you get the following:

  • A private download address you can give to your employees.
  • 1 year free program updates.
  • 1 year free technical support.
  • Multi-user customers get the companion Manager application for free.
How do I ask questions or get technical support?
Just use our Contact form. We answer questions and handle support issues 7 days a week. We'll be happy to help.