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Is working from home working out?

Time and Activity Tracking for Home Workers

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With a lot of people working from home these days, how do you verify that workers are actually working? Do you trust your workers but still want to be able to verify that telecommuting is productive?

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Reclaim Lost Productivity

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HomeWorker is a simple, easy to use app for employers who want to maximize productivity but value their workers right to privacy. It maintains detailed logs of computer activity and worker performance without being excessively intrusive. It helps keep your your remote workers productive, and focused on work.

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HomeWorker is Simple to Use

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Fast 2 minute setup. No training necessary. No calls to support. No account to setup. No plans to choose. No recurring fees. It's a one time purchase. Just download, install, check a few options, and you're good to go.

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HomeWorker Floating Toolbar

HomeWorker uses simple floating toolbar with easy to understand buttons. And it gets even easier. It also include an option to graphically create work a schedule so that it turns on and off as needed automatically.

HomeWorker Provides Detailed Activity History

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HomeWorker provides detailed logs with time stamped entries of various activities including those below and much more. It also provides work period, hourly, and daily statistics showing how and how often the computer is used. It automatically archives activity reports and produces Microsoft Excel ready files for drag and drop import into spreadsheets.

  • Activity Time
  • Periods of Inactivity
  • Break Times
  • Application Usage
  • Websites Visited
  • Documents and Images
  • Tracks the number of minutes spent visiting social networking, video, shopping, news sites and more.

HomeWorker is Flexible for Workers

Many experts agree that highly intrusive and real-time worker monitoring systems are sometimes counterproductive and cause poor worker morale. HomeWorker is a self-reporting system that gives workers some control over how they manage their days. Rather than feeling like they are being spied on every minute, HomeWorker helps promote trust and responsibility.

  • Employee has full control of when it is active or not.
  • Employee can manually start and stop their workdays or set up a predefined schedule.
  • Take flexible breaks anytime. HomeWorker totals them up to get an accurate picture.
  • Set up long and short break times for lunch and coffee breaks.
  • Countdown minutes and visual indicators displayed for timed breaks.
  • Does not slow down the computer in any way.
  • Personally identifiable information is never logged.
  • Employee chooses if or when to send their activity reports.
  • Reports are kept on the employees computer until sent to manager or supervisor.
  • Private. Nothing is ever stored on the cloud.

Not Just for Employers

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HomeWorker is great for self employed people, independent contractors, contract workers as well as employees that want to keep track of their home working time. You can keep records for tax purposes, help with time management improvement, and even provide detailed proof of how much time you spend on after-hours work. It might even help you get a pay raise! There is also a function that lets you assign a project name to a work period to help with client billing.

Works for Parents Too

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Homeschooling or home study has mostly replaced structured classroom learning for the time being. It is difficult to monitor your kids all the time to make sure they are not getting distracted. If you feel you don't need more restrictive products like our CYBERsitter program, HomeWorker can give you the complete picture of what your kids are doing when they are supposed to be working on school work. Are your kids checking their Instagram or Facebook feeds while they are supposed to be paying attention to an instructional video or presentation? HomeWorker will tell you.

HomeWorker Guarantees Privacy

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HomeWorker protects your workers data. It does not require a cloud service, and nothing is ever stored online where it can be hacked or leaked. Everything is encrypted and maintained on the users computer. When the user creates a report, it is sent directly to a designated recipient. Only someone with the matching key can decrypt and read the report.